As a curious (conceptual) visual designer i’m always trying to learn something new and broaden my skillset. Feel free to drop me a message. Let’s create together!

In. Fb. Li.



Gisou reached out to me for a temporary project in the beginning of 2021. Now, as a beauty lover I was overly excited to hop on board at the Gisou HQ for 3 weeks. 3 weeks became 9 months, and I worked together with the Gisou creative team on a large number of projects like the Honey Infused Face Oil, the Honey Infused Candle, Bee Season ’21 and the largest of them all: the Gisou Holiday Season ’21. These projects made my love for packaging (and beauty) grow stronger.

The Holiday Season puzzle was an interesting project on it’s own; with no time left to work with an actual photograph, I was asked to photoshop a scene which we would make into a puzzle. The photoshopped scene came out well enough to actually want the Pop-Up store in Paris to look the same – so cool! A very proud moment for me 😉